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M+EasyView Alaska- Denali National Park Package


M+EasyView ALASKA PLUS+Denali National Park Souvenir Memory Card  Package pays tribute to the highest peak in North America, Mount McKinley, and the magnificent national park in which it resides. This impressive customized 8″ digital picture frame presents the symbol of grandeur of Denali NP with 200 informative, educational and spectacular photographs of wildlife, flowers, seasons and magnificent landscapes. Perfect to also view your own Alaska travel photos or to begin to imagine the adventure.   Hi-quality 8″ 800 x 600 resolution picture frame image package includes a one gigabyte flash memory card with 200 images and ample memory space to add our own Alaska memories.

*Also operates with other MemoreePlus souvenir memory cards and your own SD, SDHC or MMC memory card and photos.